Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Properties of the yeast of beer

The beer Yeast has infinity of beneficial properties. To take beer Yeast can bring us health, in Living Healthy we speak about the properties of the Yeast of Beer. yeast - cerveza-300x300
The Yeast of Beer in addition to serving in the process of making of the beer is used in the manufacture of other drinks and food by his excellent properties at nutritional level. The beer Yeast is a ferment that allows to prepare the beer from the malt. The yeast of suitable beer for the human consumption is prepared in the laboratories from cultivated yeast.
Properties of the yeast of beer:
  • Although alcohol of his making is obtained the yeast neither contains alcohol nor puts on weight. For his composition nutrional is a food adapted for celíacos and intolerant to the lactose. It has neither starch, nor sugar nor colourings nor preservatives nor lactose, nor gluten.
  • The beer yeast is rich in proteins of vegetable origin.
  • It is rich in vitamins (as in Vitamins of the group B, with 20 grams of yeast of beer, it cover most of the daily needs for vitamins of the complex B that our organism needs) and minerals.
  • The beer yeast has a fair amount of vitamins hidrosolubles belonging to the complex B (vitamins B1-B2-B6, niacina and acid fólico), useful for cellular functions like the reproduction, the growth, the respiration and the synthesis of nucleic acids.
  • It is a source of essential amino acids like “the lisina”, ”the treonina“ and” the isoleucina”. In minor quantity it has cisteína, metionina and amino acids azufrados.
  • The beer yeast has healthy cardiovascular properties, reduces “the bad cholesterol” and increases “the good cholesterol”. The beer Yeast is rich in acids linoleico and oleico substances that they benefit to the circulatory system. The beer yeast contains lecitina that helps to eliminate the cholesterol and the triglicéridos.
  • It helps to regulate the sugar level in blood, his use in patients with diabetes is beneficial (especially in Diabetes type 2)
  • His consumption must be restricted in persons who have uric acid excess, since the beer yeast has a high content in nucleic acids. In these case has to consult the doctor, before taking it, to adapt the dose. yeast in capsules
  • It is ideal like complement of hypocaloric diets for his low content in calories and good contribution in nutrients.
  • The acids content linóleico and oleico, present in the beer yeast, they are beneficial, between other things to support the good state of the circulatory system. The beer yeast contains also lecitina, substance known for helping to eliminate the cholesterol and the triglicéridos.
  • His use is advisable in the post childbearing and the lactation, his use helps to recover the textiles. The beer yeast improves the frames of mind therefore to include it in the diet can improve the depression and the anxiety.